Welcome to the new D&D Tools!

By Angry Bird, 17 November, 2022

This is a major update/overhaul of the classic dndtools.pw and dndtools.eu! It took me almost a year and a lot of hours and now I think this site is ready enough to be made public. Here you will find about anything you're looking for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition.
Feats. Spells. Prestige Classes. And more!

On top of the updated look, this site also feature an updated database. It has:

  • Everything from the old database currently hosted at dndtools.org and dndtools.net
  • All of the data added on the dndtools.eu version, wich currently has an html clone hosted at arkalseif.info but without the Django backend so all the research functions are not working.
  • Even more data I've added by hand during the site creation process!

I hope you'll have as much fun using my site as I had building it!


This site, dndtools.one, is operated by a different and distinct team of people, not affiliated with the former team running dndtools.eu. The original database was found online while the updated data was fetched from arkalseif.info using my regex scripting skills.

If you, by any chance, wonder on a page from a rulebook you do not OWN (the source material is always referred both in url and in page contents), please, leave that page, buy the book and then return.


Psionic powers update #2

By Angry Bird, 13 October, 2023

Hi everyone!

I'm done with adding all the powers from pretty much every published 3.5 edition material. A big thanks to the anonymous soul who sent me an Excel spreadsheet containing all of them! Follow this link, set items per page to 1000 and enjoy the huge list 😎